As you know, the use of social media throughout the world continues to increase at a staggering rate. The companies continue to increase their budget and resources for digital advertisements and contents that will be displayed on their social media platforms in order to represent themselves professionally on the social media and reach their target audience.

Maintaining your brand in a medium with such fierce competition and creating contents by using strategies in accordance with social media dynamics falls to social media agencies and to social media experts, which have a certain experience on these matters.

Social media experts/managers basically ensure that your brands/products are represented and maintained on the social media in accordance with the established strategy and provides reports about the results. While doing their job, they are expected to mix their existing skills with newly learned information and adopt them to your brand.

Social media platforms by their user numbers


Now let’s take a look at what you should consider before deciding to work with a professional social media agency or expert for your brand/company:


Social media experts should know how to write advertising copy. They should know what kind of a language to use in Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to make people read their content, which emoji and hashtags to use and how to make people react. Not to mention having proper grammar on the advertising text they prepare and creating readable material.


In relation to the upper item, social media experts are expected to be creative people. They should be able to clarify how the image of a content will be and what kind of editing shall be used for a possible video. They should closely follow the possibilities and newly-added features added to social media platforms and know how to adopt them to their brands.

Strategic Thinking

When creating content for their brand, social media experts should create such content in line with the strategy, expectations and targets of the brand rather than for their own taste. They should be aware of following topics: what business is the company/brand in, who is the target audience, what is the benefit of the brand, what are the pros and cons of the products, what is hoped to be gain by being in social media platforms.

Being Curious

Having a social media expert who follow social media trends, feeds herself/himself from different fields and who has hobbies will be beneficial when creating content. For instance, following local and foreign blogs and official blogs of the platforms will not only give you different ideas but also catch up with the latest developments. 


Replying questions, complaints and recommendations that come from social media platforms in accordance with the language suitable for the brand is another characteristic that a social media expert should have.

Organized and Meticulous Work

A Social media expert should perform organized and meticulous work in line with the expectation of the brand/agency. He/She should understand the subject matter and put it correctly into the design. In short, they should act as a bridge between the brand and the creative team. He shouldn’t delay the publication plans and must participate in meetings prepared and on time.

Analytical Thinking

Social media expert should know how to look at reports and create forecasts for the brand. He/she should be informed about digital advertisements and direct the advertiser sensibly.  He/She should know how to create editing for the brand’s digital advertisements, or at least have a solid grasp of the subject to communicate with digital marketing expert or media purchase.

When you decide to be on social media with your brand/business, you will see there are lots of agencies and social media experts around. If the person you work with have the above-mentioned qualifications, it will greatly help you reach your targets in short and medium term, changing the digital outlook of your brand for the better.

Written by: H.Taylan Azimli