A new concept has entered into our lives recently which we didn’t know or care much about before: sustainability...

Many brands from different sectors throughout the world take this concept into consideration during the process of production or service. Because our consumption level is exceeding the natural limits. Products that are easy to access, product variety, the fast living style of modern life and the false abundance constantly prompt us to consume. People who got used to this system are now trying to transition into a new system where they are trying to minimize their damage to nature to a minimum. 

How many Earths do we have?

If we were to ask a 5-year old how many Earths do we have, the answer would be “one” as everyone expects. Whereas, we are living as if we have 1.6 Earth.

Global Footprint Network has been calculating the sustainable resources in our world and their consumption since 1970. As a result of this, they come up with an amount that we can consume during that year. The day these resources run out are called “Limit Excess Day”. WWF-Turkey, whose communication work is run by us, provides very important information about what we should do and how to protect our planet. If you do not know where to start, you can follow WWF-Turkey account in social media and start implementing the information provided by them.

Limit Excess Day, which has been regularly going further back every year, has been determined as 29th of July for the previous year. But this year, for the first time in 50 years, we preserved our resources better and delayed this date to 22nd of August. This is both a good and bad news. Because we didn’t do this on purpose. The pandemic, which occurred as a result of our intervention with the nature, forced us to stay at home, cause less damage and consumed what we already produced. Well, can’t we do this out of our own volition? 

How do we protect our limit?

The first measure that comes to mind for protecting our natural resources is avoiding over-consumption. In addition to this, ensuring sustainability is also important.

Imagine that you had a field and you can only plant once. This wouldn’t be beneficial for you, for other people and the nature. The way we currently produce and consume is similar to that field that can only be planted for a limited time. Therefore, as people start to change their habits, brands are also transforming their services.

But what can you do?

You can minimize the usage of paper in your office. You can gift cups and canteens to your employees and encourage their use. You can save on electricity by unplugging your computers after work. If you are manufacturing, you can pay attention to its sustainability. Don’t forget, users now prefer brands which are sustainable and eco-friendly. You can start transforming now for the future of our planet and your brand.

Let’s not forget that we have only one Earth and we should protect it.

Written by: Tuba Kiraz