Common goal of many brands is to be popular in the social media and to win the hearts of their followers/customers. However, this is not always easy and necessitates developing a correct communication strategy and making the right moves. 

The research conducted during the fight against pandemic points to a serious increase in e-trade sales and communicating with brands via the social media. Under these circumstances the emotional bond the users forge with the brands determines their buying preferences. In short, the ones becoming ‘lovemark’ win!

What does Lovemark mean? 

The process of becoming Lovemark is the story of brands that promise and offer more than a product or service or that achieves to establish a bond with their customers that is almost independent of its performance. 

Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, Kevin Roberts has a very good saying about being lovemark: "Creating lovemark is to understand dreams of customers, know what they want, how and when and creating marvelous experiences that will be parts of their lives." It really is. Let’s go through the common features of brands which understand dreams of their customers and can forge an emotional bond with them item by item:

  • They listen to their customers
  • They establish uninterrupted communication
  • They develop services in line with the needs of the customers
  • They take creative actions
  • They put themselves in the shoes of the consumers
  • They produce original contents
  • They share regularly
  • They follow the trends closely
  • They use hashtags and emojis
  • They can deliver messages with short texts
  • They offer their followers gifts and advantages

It is these companies that manage to be lovemarks. Now ask yourself if your brand bears these features. If your answer is yes and still you don’t think that you are a lovemark, you can conclude that something is wrong somewhere. At this point, the agency factor comes into play. It is absolutely necessary for you to work with a professional team to be able to realize your deficiencies and develop successful communication campaigns and strategies.

Research conducted shows that brands such as Apple, Google, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Nike, Nestle, Lego, Converse, Ikea, Cadburry and Adidas are among the most liked brands in the world. We should remember that these successful brands commonly allocate high budgets for advertisement. However, if you intend to be a lovemark with small budgets and stay in the front rows in competition, we should remind you that we are experienced in the field with our highly successful past works. We are with you all the time with our solutions that will help you conquer the hearts whenever you want. Your one phone call or an e-mail would suffice. 

Written by: Özgü Çağıran