LinkedIn is a social business platform which reached 680 million users and continues to increase its popularity. Many people who like to socialize in the business world and want to create their own brand prefers to use LinkedIn. Now let us take a look at the answer to the question of “How can I use LinkedIn more efficiently?” for those who want to reach their career aims and be successful:

  • Fill out information in your profile completely and up-to-date!

You must share your profile photo, cover photo, title, your summary writing, background information and your skills completely. These details are very important for your visibility within the algorithm.

  • Create content in accordance with the algorithm! 

Try to share content which will make you reach more people and increase your visibility rather than sharing content frequently. For instance;

✔ Empathize with your content before sharing it, question it from all aspects.

✔ Use tags related to subject matter but there shouldn’t be more than 5 tags.

✔ When you are sharing a link, do not directly forward the link but instead put the link in your status update and share it with a text or image/video.

✔ Try to share video content, which integrates 3 times more compared to text or images. Do not quote the video from another channel; instead upload it to your LinkedIn account directly and you will get more interaction this way.

✔ Choose a suitable posting time by considering the general time zones and the dynamics of your own account.

Right, so far everything is good. Finally, we would like to share with you an important detail which will help you move your LinkedIn account even higher up:

  • Interact with users!

Interacting with users by liking their posts and commenting on them will not only increase your visibility on LinkedIn but also earn you new contacts.

Having a highly-interacted account in LinkedIn requires using correct communication dynamics and doing things step by step. Please remember that we are always here for you as Ahtapot Social Media if you need a professional help to get more visibility in LinkedIn, which requires management with due diligence.  wink

Written by: Merve MUTLU