LinkedIn is an important social network especially for professional business life and B2B marketers with users over 675 million around the world.

Having a page that represents your company on this platform, which has over 8 million users in Turkey, is as important as your web site in today’s conditions. Of course, building your website does not mean anything on its own. According to LinkedIn, the fuller your business page, the higher number of followers it attracts. 

You have put your LinkedIn page into effect, filled in the relevant parts and started to share content. We will give you a few tips to attain your target audience more easily and raise the number of your followers:

  • Contents and posts suitable for SEO

Include key words that describe your job in the heading and about parts of your page. In this way, you will increase the chance of your page appearing at the top in Google search. Also pay attention to sectoral terminology and suitable hashtag usage. 

  • Ensure interaction among employees

Make sure that your page is tagged correctly by your employees as the company of employment. Ask them to share your contents as well to enhance your organic access. You can ask your employees to tag your page in such events as fairs, seminars, meetings etc.

  • Website and e-mail signature update

Do not forget to have a links to your social media platforms in the web site of your company. You can also add your LinkedIn link in the signature section of your business mail. The people you are corresponding with in professional sense may reach your or your company’s profile from there.

  • Take care to share regularly

According to LinkedIn, business accounts which share at least one piece of content achieve more interaction when compared to those that do not share any. Regular sharing also shows that you have things to say regarding your business. Sharing content regarding your sector with your followers will enable you to gain new followers organically. 

  • Follow the Hashtags

Do not forget to use the hashtags related to your sector in your posts. 3 or 5 hashtags would be important per post. You can also follow 3 different hashtags in community hashtags section of your company account. LinkedIn will inform you in case of an important discussion on these hashtags. You can reach new followers by joining these discussions. 

  • Do not neglect page analyses

As your posts and page followers go up, we recommend you to visit the page analysis section. In this way, you can see the contents that caused interaction the most, where your followers come from, which subjects they show interest in etc. and form your content plan accordingly. 

  • Do not forget brand envoys

Do you have audience who are loyal to your brand/business or honorable people in our sector? You can try boosting your visibility buy tagging them in convenient contents. Hopefully they will share your content! 

  • Analyze your competitors

Do not forget to go through the pages of your competitors in the sector. The subjects which their posts dwell on, the kind of communication they establish with their followers, and the frequency of their sharing will all give you tips to improve your contents.

  • Interact with your followers

Do not leave any comment, question or recommendation directed at your contents unanswered. People like it when they see that they are getting your attention.

  • Advertise for jobs

LinkedIn stands out as quite a popular platform among those looking for a job. Do not forget to place an advertisement on LinkedIn when you are looking for an employee for your
business. Potential candidates applying for a job will start following your page. 

Whether you have just activated your LinkedIn page or be a company that has been communicating via LinkedIn for a long time, we predict that the tips above will be useful to you all. 

Written by: H. Taylan Azimli