While influencer marketing world continues to develop and expand, we are both happy to see that brands and influencers produce more creative and ambitious contents than ever that have the potential to reach large masses and we follow the developments closely. 

While the social media tools get equipped with new features frequently, influencer-based projects change rapidly as well. For example, while how many likes a post got on Instagram was an important criterion a few weeks before, other parameters come to the forefront as these numbers are now hidden. Again, purchasing feature which has been added to Facebook and Instagram recently turned the two platforms into ones where online shopping can be performed. Many new ideas are put forward as to how more successful results can be achieved during influencer marketing that continues in light of these last developments. At this very point we would like to share the details of the mini research made on influencer marketing by Vamp in recent weeks.

  • 80% of the questionnaire participants stated that a content formed by an influencer is as successful as the content formed by the brand or even more.
  • 41% of brands indicated that they allocate additional budget to work with influencers.
  • 60% of participants readapted their influencer marketing works.
  • 43% of the brands said that the most important criterion for them when it comes to working with an influencer is the compatibility of the posts of the person in question with their brand image.

It is possible to say apart from these developments that it is shared view of the sector leaders that influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2020. In addition to this, many agencies that provide specialized assistance only with regard to influencer marketing are taking their places in the market.

As Ahtapot Social Media, we also place a lot of importance on influencer marketing, which loses no significance and even gains more of it day by day. We would like to announce on this occasion that new projects are on their way in addition to many that we have executed to date. smiley

Written by: Birkaç Koç