The trend of mobile live broadcast, which entered our lives with Periscope, grows in importance day by day. Being predominantly used in moments of important news in its first phases, live broadcasts are used in daily life as well today. 

Live broadcast feature is available on almost all social media platforms now. Live broadcast sections of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have become the most actively used tools. We can think that the primary reason for this is the fact that users always prefer the easiest one. The easier and comprehensible methods you use to convey your message, the better. 

Then how can you render your live broadcasts more successful? Here are 10 tips: 

Determine an extraordinary and attention-grabbing subject. 

The more attention-grabbing the content of your broadcast, the more it will be followed and extend to larger masses. For this reason, try to be different even when promoting your products/services. For example, use a guest in your broadcasts and experience your products with them. This will not only make your broadcast more striking, but it will also enrich your content.

Have fun while broadcasting!

You should definitely smile! smiley  The more fun you have and the more content you are with your broadcast, the more fun your viewers will have and the more supportive they will be. 

Be creative 

Whatever you are telling, use your creativity. Taking a different perspective towards issues will enable you to raise your viewer number. 

Go through the most frequently watched broadcasts 

Before broadcasting a live feed, you should definitely analyse the broadcasts that attracts the biggest attention from users. This research will also allow you to develop different subject titles. 

Be positive

You will of course get negative reactions to your broadcasts. Even in these situations do not lose your positivity. We are in the social media after all and the users have the right to all positive/negative remarks.  smiley

Interact with your viewers 

Live broadcasts allow viewers to express their acclaim and make comments. This is a wonderful feature in terms of interacting with them instantly and gaining their confidence. Reply to their questions as much as you can and allow them to join the broadcast by asking them questions in return.

Use your broadcast period efficiently ​​​​​​​

Make good use of your time while promoting yourself and your products/services. Form a timetable before starting the broadcast and progress in accordance with it. In this way, you will not miss any point you wish to mention. In addition, do not forget to record your live broadcast after finishing it. Sharing it again for those missing it may mean that you will reach larger masses. 

Announce your broadcast in your social media pages 

Announce the date and hour of the broadcast on your social media pages a few days beforehand. You can also do the same thing a short while before starting the broadcast. In this way, you will increase your viewer and interaction level. 

Do not overlook recording quality 

Just as high-quality images and videos get more likes on social media, the same applies to live broadcasts. Make sure that illumination is good, the background seems fine and the video is high quality. 

Pay attention to the duration of live broadcast ​​​​​​​

Do not keep your live broadcasts too long because after a while either your viewer will be distracted, or she/he will have to leave your broadcast for a different reason. For this reason, try to give your message within the first 30 minutes. 

Placing importance on all of these points will raise both rating of your broadcasts and number of your followers.  smiley

Written by: Zeynep Kırbaş