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Social Responsibility Projects

You are responsible for not only your actions but also for other things beyond your actions

We care about developing social responsibility projects for our brands who reach large masses with different communication channels and contact people from all walks of life. Because we know that having the power to address many more people is a big opportunity to create more awareness. To take advantage of this opportunity, we offer our NGO management experience and our emotional reflexes to our brands who are looking to crown their achievements with good deeds and make this life better.

As Ahtapot Social Media, we are proud to serve Darüşşafaka Society (which was founded in 1863 with the aim of providing equality of opportunity in education for needy, talented children with one or no parents), where we enjoyed working as their digital agency for 4 years and performed many successful communication projects together, and WWF, which is one of the most influential NGOs in the world and works to help conserve the natural resources and employ us to carry out their digital communication in Turkey. We work also for Wtech (Women in Technology Association), which aims to ensure equal opportunities for women in the world of science and technology and increase the number of women in technology sector, thereby supporting community development. On the other hand, the project of our own agency,, continues to be one of the most active platforms for social entrepreneurs in Turkey.