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Digital Media Planning

Don’t settle for placing ad in digital media, be the ad yourself!

Advertising your brand both in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube...) and in the unlimited world of Google, reaching more people and becoming highly successful is a simple matter. One of the most important advantages afforded by the digital world are reports and analysis based on digital data and we offer them to you along with the comments of our expert team.

We first start by determining the correct realm. Because the audience in each medium varies by demographic and psychographic. We establish the correct audience by paying attention to these differences, focus on the correct medium and develop communication strategies specific to that medium.

In the next step, we consult with you how your advertisement budget will be used down to the cent, which advertisement models will be used in which medium, what kind of impact we aim to have and our projections. Upon your confirmation, we start the advertisement process. Afterwards, KPI and return of your investment is addressed. Because when it comes to advertising in digital realms, it is possible to see the return of every investment with positive or negative data. When this return doesn’t meet the expectations, we take quick action, develop new strategies and recommend different digital roads and different channels for success.